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We take the agony out of selecting a moving company by eliminating the guesswork!

Our team of specialists has chosen the finest moving firms for your relocation.

You can’t anticipate what your own moving experience will be like. However, we made every effort to find the finest movers for your next move.


Starting with a wide range of 35 moving companies from all across the United States is the first step in our selection process. First, we check to see whether they’re a real company by visiting their websites and double-checking if everything is accurate (including addresses, phone numbers, etc.). It’s a huge red light for us if we encounter an awful website or one with bugs/flaws. We immediately stop reviewing that firm when we see a bad website or one with problems/bugs.

2 After going through the websites, we begin to narrow down the selection of firms. We now start checking to see whether these businesses have all of the essential licenses and registrations required to operate as a moving company from those that remain.

We check if the firm is listed in the DOT (Department of Transportation) database. We make sure their license is current and that they are completely registered.

We have removed a business from our list if it does not appear on the DOT database, or there is anything wrong with its registration.

3 How satisfied were their clients with their interactions with them? What was their impression of them?we know that problems might always occur, the question is how you handle them and if you are doing the best efforts to solve them.

We then check our list for companies with a score of 60 or less (3 stars and below), and remove these firms if they appear.

4 We contact each one and one of the remaining businesses, and we obtain a few different moving quotations with various sorts of services (short term and long-term storage, vehicle transportation, heavy items removal, climate-controlled storage, etc.).

We try to give them as much information as possible so that we may obtain the most precise moving estimate. We can compare apples to apples rather than oranges in this way. 


5 The next stage is one of the most crucial steps in the process. We wait for these businesses to contact us back. The first to call us are rewarded with additional points. Being contacted over the phone was preferred by us.

this way we can understand who are we talking to. We can inquire about the firm, its services and offerings, and most importantly, the price quotation we obtained.

If a firm contacts you within 24 hours, it’s usually an excellent indication. It indicates that they care about their clients and, if something goes wrong with the move, being able to contact them should be simpler.


At this point, as we’ve already stated, it’s one of the most crucial phases in the whole procedure.

We know what questions to ask and what answers we anticipate getting.

We make sure the representatives understand what was calculated in their quotes. we make sure they inquire of us all the important questions to ensure that nothing was overlooked.

If they give vague answers or try to make us commit to a certain price without taking into account all of our requirements, that’s a big red light for us…


The conclusion of our procedure arrives next. the final scores and evaluations. the first thing to bear in mind is the price quotation. we make sure to compare pricing quotes for the same size and distance moving.

But the cost is not the only thing we should consider.

We count reviews, calculate how long it took the firm to contact us back, and evaluate how helpful our customer representatives were. all of these elements are combined in order to determine the final marks for these businesses that passed our test. We select the finest among those who remained after evaluating their performance.

This whole process, which we’ve just discussed, allows us to assure that we’re matching you with the right moving companies.

we’re not talking about the ones that will give you the lowest quote, but rather those who will provide you with the whole package – a fair price and excellent customer service. companies that have good reviews from their clients and that are fully licensed and registered.

We hope that our information will assist you in selecting the finest moving service for your job.